I’d never thought that this song could be so good by simply slowing it down even more!


Flock of Dimes - I Can’t Tell You Why (Screwed Mix)

This cover was the result of an evening where a friend of mine and I were slowing down songs we liked to see if it made them better. (It almost always does, for the record). This song, in particular, responded so well to that treatment that I decided to reproduce it myself, as faithfully as possible, and re-create the experience as a cover. I’m especially proud of this track because it marks the first time I’ve ever released something that I played, sung, produced and mixed on my own. I think my screwed-voice sounds a little bit like Usher, which is delightful. And, for the record, I’d be willing to say that this is “the only Eagles song I like”—but it’s a beast of a song, if you ask me. 

Flock of Dimes

That’s it!  I’m so stoked to have had Jenn Wasner take over the blog for me today. I hope you enjoyed the picks she shared as much as I did!  Don’t miss her Friends Records 7” Prison Bride - avail on 500 copies of bright orange vinyl, starting today. Packaging includes a download card, and features design by Rose MF Chase with photos by Jana Hunter.

This was fun - let’s do it again soon, yeah?


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    More from Jenn’s yvynyl takeover last week, side B of the Prison Bride 7”
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    Flock of dimes is that random reappearing thing in my life today and i’m very grateful for them and this remix.
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