Rick Webb wrote exactly what I think about Docracy. I just can’t write that many awesomes: darn snob-music-critic past.


Very excited to take part in the Series A round for Docracy. Docracy is basically going to be GitHub for legal documents. My lawyer made a crack when he was going over the investor papers about how I was trying to put him out of business, but that’s not really what’s going on here. 

First, getting simple legal documents for the masses is a ridiculously complex and needlessly expensive experience. There are sources like LegalZoom, of course, but there are problems with them. First and most obvious is that they are not free. Secondly, there’s no real “second opinion.” What I love about Docracy and its ridiculously awesome, simple user interface is that one person could put up, say, an NDA. Another Lawyer could branch it off, and make a new version where certain things are different - either because they think that makes for a better NDA, or because they want to customize it for, say, a certain industry. Other lawyers can comment and change it as well, and it’s all in the open, so if there is a clause that maybe isn’t right for you, several different lawyers can make comments on it, and you can choose the right version of the document that is right for you. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

But wait! There is more! Sign documents in the cloud! You send me an NDA on Docracy, I can edit it make requested changes, send it back, and then you go to the cloud and can see my highlighted changes - and of course both versions are saved  - and you can accept or reject the changes. Once we both agree, we can both sign the document in the cloud. It can be a private document, too - all documents don’t HAVE to be seen by the public. You can sign with a picture of your signature or digitally or even scrawl it into a little picture box like you do at the supermarket.  

You can also upload a Word doc or a PDF and it will translate the document into text in the Docracy cloud. SO AWESOME. 

But the thing that REALLY gets me excited about it is the potential for an equivalent to GitHub Firewall Install. That is, law firms could install this on their servers at work and keep track of all their legal documents, and all the revisions to them. My lawyer friends tell me that most of this is done manually on a file server right now, and having managed agency documents in a hierarchical server file structure for years before learning of the joys of CVS and the like, I can tell you that this process seems totally ripe for disruption and reinvention by the internet. 

Plus Matt and John are awesome guys. They made software for the Sidekick! I loved the Sidekick. It was such a cool device, and these guys have been coding forever and making many apps and have a proven background in selling them. That’s awesome too.

I just also… I just love them because it’s a grown up product for grown up problems with a clear plan to make money and help people in their lives in an area that many people desperately need help and that there is a serious barrier to entry and disadvantage for those who aren’t connected or have money. That’s awesome. 

Docracy! Yay! Excited. Congrats to Matt and John, and excited for my first investment w/First Round and, god, I think my third (?) with Pedro over @ Quotidien. 

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    Rick Webb wrote exactly what I think about Docracy. I just can’t write that many awesomes: darn snob-music-critic past.
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    Matt and John are aces, big congrats to them!
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